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Have you been wondering, "does anyone rate my doctor online?" The answer is yes. Both patients and their doctors have used this website to find consumer reports posted to the Top 40+ review sites online. As a new patient, you can compare the comments and use them as "grades" to help evaluate dentists, or locate dental specialists.

Healthcare Providers by City

From these websites, you can add a testimonial for your city to assist other patients in making more informed healthcare decisions. Personal recommendations by real people have shown dentist ratings to be one of the best methods for dentists to get referrals too. Positive (and negative) reviews serve the public interest with unbiased feedback.

Individuals seeking quality dental procedures in local communities are alerted to problems before they happen with access to any complaints.

» Helpful Search Tips
There are several ways you can find critique of doctors. Experiment using a variety of word combinations and cities in the search fields to further refine your results and preferences.

Together with a city, you might search for "great dentist", "my broken tooth", "fixed my smile", etc. Get creative!

Review products, services, or even a business. You have access to millions of people who, just like yourself, want to share their opinions and also read about the experiences of others.

The Web has made it convenient for consumers who want to get another person's viewpoint before they schedule their appointment. Patients will often conduct comprehensive research before they choose a dentist for their family's dental care. When one or more other people submit their opinions, or comment about an experience at the doctor's office, it adds to a convenient list of dedicated reviews that others can browse and read.

Ratings Can Benefit Dentists

If you're a dentist, or other medical professional, doctor review sites are a great way to monitor your name on the Internet, as well as establish and maintain your practice reputation. Ratings and remarks are very popular with patients. Even when faced with a bad review, the dentist can use the opportunity to prove themselves ethical and post a generous offer to remedy the situation, which is what a dissatisfied patient wants after all.
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